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Contact Us

A great way to encourage customers to engage with your web site

These pages build confidence in the visitor's mind that you really do 'exist' and that they are dealing with a 'genuine' person or business as opposed to an anonymous web site. This is particularly important if you are attempting to make sales, or capture e-mail addresses.

The format can be very simple as below, or might include a photograph, audio sample, even video, building the relationship with the visitor. Maps and directions can also be useful if you have a physical presence you wish to point out.


Contact Name:

Your Name

Contact Telephone: 111-12345678

The Office
The Street
The City
The State



Tip: You may wish to consider using the 'e-mail cloaking' script (available from the right-click menu, in the Script Wizard. This stops 'spam robots' from harvesting your email addresses from the site, whilst still allowing genuine customers to contact you.